Many Bexar Audubon Society trips take place in San Antonio, but we sometimes venture farther afield
to explore state parks and natural areas. Wherever we go, we hope you’ll join us!

We can't plan outings and birding field trips now, but please go out individually to listen and look at the birds—they are totally unaffected by our concerns. Fall migration is underway and billions of birds are flying above all the adaptations we humans must make during the current situation.

Yellow-throated Warbler by Lora Render

How to Help ID Observations in iNaturalist


The observations in iNaturalist uploaded by others always have species in need of identification. If you need instructions on helping with the IDs, please read this helpful guide.

Come with us to Colombia in 2022!

Yellow-crowned Whitestart
Yellow-crowned Whitestart

All is set for the Bexar Audubon-Holbrook Travel trips to Colombia in January/February 2022: Central Andes Jan. 17 - Jan. 25 and Santa Marta Mountains Flyway from Jan. 26 - Feb. 3. Each of the two trips will have a maximum of 8 people, including Patsy & Tom Inglet, so space is limited. We have ONE spot available for the Central Andes Trip and FOUR spots available for the Santa Marta Mountains Trip. To hold your place, click on the link(s) below, fill out the information requested, and pay a deposit of $500 per person. We’d love to have you join us!

Central Andes Flyway Itinerary with Pricing
Santa Marta Mountains Itinerary with Pricing

Click to join the Central Andes Flyway Trip
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