About Bexar Audubon Society of San Antonio
The official chapter of the National Audubon Society in our area.

Vision Statement
We are a diverse and supportive community that values our natural world and works together to ensure a healthy habitat for birds, other wildlife, and people.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote the conservation of habitat for birds, other wildlife, and people; support National Audubon Society’s efforts; and encourage responsible local action through education, research, and advocacy.

BAS History
Bexar Audubon Society was formed in 1983 as National Audubon Society members in Bexar County decided that our area needed a local chapter to represent the ideals of environmental protection reflected in the newly formed national organization’s mission. BAS continues the legacy of our earlier leaders in protecting habitat for birds and bringing ideas and awareness about our natural environment to both the general public and agencies throughout the area.

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Our Relationship to Other Audubon Organizations

National Audubon Society (NAS)

National Audubon is one of the oldest, best known, and most effective conservation organizations. Less known is how vital local Audubon groups are. San Antonio has several groups that carry the name Audubon, and many active conservationists belong to all of them. For more information, visit National Audubon Society’s website.

Audubon Texas

Audubon Texas is the state office for NAS in the state of Texas. The office is located in Austin, Texas, and the state staff works with Texas Audubon Centers and Chapters to further NAS initiatives on the state and local levels. Read more here.

Audubon Foundation of Texas

Audubon’s mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity. Audubon Foundation of Texas (AFT) is a non-profit established to support Audubon Texas, Audubon Centers and Sanctuaries in Texas, and the affiliated Audubon local chapters.

Bexar Audubon Society (BAS)

Bexar Audubon Society (BAS) is the Greater San Antonio area chapter of National Audubon Society and anyone in our area who belongs to NAS also belongs to BAS. BAS focuses on protecting birds and the ecosystems that they and we depend on.

Atascosa, Bandera, Comal, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Kendall, Kerr, Medina, and Wilson Counties are also in the Bexar Audubon Society region. BAS welcomes members from these areas to become involved with the chapter as BAS expands outreach into the counties surrounding Bexar.

If you’d like to join BAS and become involved in our activities, please click here.


Mitchell Lake Audubon Center

Mitchell Lake Audubon Center (MLAC) is one of the nation’s finest urban bird and wildlife refuges and a destination for birding and environmental education. Located just 20 minutes from downtown San Antonio, MLAC protects 1200 acres dedicated to connecting people to nature through birds and their habitats.

Since 2004, the center has been managed by National Audubon/Audubon Texas on property owned by the San Antonio Water System (SAWS). Formerly a wastewater treatment site, the idea for a nature center was started by the Mitchell Lake Wetlands Society, which assisted and supported SAWS in protecting critical habitat for birds.

Becoming a member of MLAC automatically makes you a member of National Audubon Society. For more information, visit the MLAC website.

San Antonio Audubon Society

San Antonio Audubon Society (SAAS) is a local independent birding club and is not affiliated with the National Audubon Society. SAAS promotes the appreciation, understanding, protection, and conservation of native birds and their habitats through participation and educational activities. SAAS offers monthly meetings, outings throughout the year, and other activities. Members are involved with education-outreach programs throughout the community. Additionally, they sponsor and endorse citizen science projects such as the Great Backyard Bird Count, eBird, bird surveys, and the annual Bexar County Christmas Bird Count. For SAAS membership, information, meetings, and outing schedules, visit the SAAS website.

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Bexar Audubon Society Leadership

If you'd like to send an email to any of the BAS officers or committee chairs, please click on the person's name.


President: Britt Coleman

Vice President: OPEN

Secretary: Patsy Inglet

Treasurer: Joyce Briskin 

Director at Large

Mariann Golden

Allison Hayne

Danny Kelleher

Fabiola McClellan

Derrick Mims


Education & Engagement: Patsy Inglet

Conservation & Advocacy: Britt Coleman


Outings: Sherie Gee

Communications: Misty Garcia

Social Media Coordinator: Lauren Gutierrez




Bexar Audubon Reports & Financials

Bexar Audubon Society is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Our financial records and bank statements are audited on a regular basis by both internal and external auditors. We do not make contributions to political organizations, campaigns, or candidates.