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Meetings & Events

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BAS Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, November 8 | 6:30 to 8:00 PM |
In-person (6:00 PM) and Zoom (6:30 PM) 


Dr. Craig Farquhar of Texas State University will be our guest speaker on Wednesday, November 8 in the evening at Alamo Colleges District, 2222 N. Alamo Street. Dr. Farquhar will discuss his new book, Raptors of Texas. A signed copy of the book will be awarded as a raffle prize. Bring your copy of the book for signing.

From Texas A&M University Press about the book: "Diurnal raptors—birds of prey that hunt during the day—include easily recognizable birds like eagles, hawks, or falcons. They may be seen perched on highway signs, electrical poles, or soaring overheard in urban and rural spaces across North America. Here, avian ecology and raptor experts C. Craig Farquhar and Clint W. Boal present the first comprehensive volume on these birds of prey in Texas. Given the state’s size, location, and biodiversity, it is not surprising that Texas leads other states in the documented number of raptor species.

The introductory chapters of Raptors of Texas provide information on raptor ecology, evolution, behavior, morphology, and the unique conservation challenges raptors face in Texas and elsewhere. Detailed species descriptions of Texas’ regularly occurring diurnal raptors come next, illustrated with life-like graphite drawings and accompanied by unique, up-to-date range maps. Additionally, shorter entries for rare raptors sighted in the state are provided.

This reference is a must-have for serious birders, ornithologists, avian ecologists, and wildlife professionals who want to know more about these birds of prey and the important roles they play in our urban and rural environments alike."

If you plan to attend the meeting in person at Alamo Colleges District, 2222 N. Alamo Street, San Antonio, TX 78215 at 6:00 PM, please sign up here.

A signed copy of Raptors of Texas will be raffled off at the meeting. You must be present in person to be eligible.

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In Case You Missed It:
Bexar Audubon online presentations are available on Vimeo

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Raptors of Texas by Dr. Craig Farquhar
PowerPoints Slides Click Here.

Cats Indoors: Better for Cats, Better for Birds, Better for People by Grant Sizemore

Restoring and Creating Pollinator Habitats by Dr. Sean Griffin

Exposure of terrestrial birds to microplastic: The effects of urbanization and ecological traits
Presented by Alexis Baum

Ocelots in Texas: Conservation Challenges and Opportunities by Dr. Sharon Wilcox

30,000 Miles in Search of Godwits, from the Mexican Border to the Arctic Ocean by Bruce Beehler, PhD

The Strange and Wondrous Adaptations Birds Rely on to Get By: Dr. Roger Lederer

Lights Out: Safer Skies for Migrating Birds
by Dr. Tania Homayoun

Hog Island Audubon Camp Experiences in Maine by Yvette Stewart and Corina Solis

Anticoagulant Rodenticides and Raptors by Eres Gomez

Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Texas by Romey Swanson

New insights into the genetics of the Golden-Cheeked Warbler by Dr. Giri Athrey

Wingbeat Atlas: Bird Photography by Ken Butler and Poems by Lucy Griffith

Little (studied) Kite on the Prairie: Investigating the Ecology of Mississippi Kites by Dr. Ben R. Skipper of Angelo State University

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Birds of the World by Laura Kammermeier

Victoria Winter Hummingbirds by Dr. Brent Ortego

The Edwards Aquifer and San Marcos Springs by Gregg Eckhardt

Ethnobotany and the Appreciation of Native Plants by Maeve Bassett of San Antonio Botanical Garden

Golden-cheeked Warbler Important Bird Area Training Video presented by Jewell Cozort of SA Parks and Recreation Dept.

The Wonderful Wild of Texas: A Herping Big Year by Romey Swanson of Audubon Texas





"A Most Remarkable Creature" by author Jonathan Meiburg about caracaras

The Billion Birds Report and Texas by Richard Heilbrun, TPWD

Effects of Light and Noise on Birds by Dr. Jennifer Phillips of Texas A&M San Antonio

A Kingdom of Birds: Birding in Saudi Arabia by Greg Askew

All About Flycatchers by Craig Hensley, Texas Nature Trackers/TPWD

The Serengeti by Peter Roberts, Bird Guide

Doc & Martha: Matagorda Island Naturalists Documentary by Greg Pasztor

San Antonio Parks & Rec Natural Areas: An Opportunity to Connect People with Nature by Nature Preserve Officer Wendy Leonard

A House for Wren by Author Julie Beever

Balcony Birding in the Time of Coronavirus by Martin Reid

Wildscaping, Creating Habitat in Our Cities by Judit Green, TPWD

iNaturalist and the City Nature Challenge by Craig Hensley, Texas Nature Trackers/TPWD

Birds of Prey by Matt Reidy, TPWD

Purple Martins78209 Project by Allison Hayne

Catios: Outdoor Cat Patios by Cynthia Chomos

To Burn or Not to Burn? By Maureen Frank, Texas A&M AgriLife

Building Bird-friendly Cities and Conservation Leaders for the Future by Yvette Stewart, Audubon Texas

Saving Birds One Building at a Time by Lynne Parks, Lights Out Baltimore

Introduction to Bats by Nyta Brown, Old Tunnel State Park

Damsels & Dragons by Craig Hensley, Texas Nature Trackers/TPWD


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