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Upcoming Online Presentations from Bexar Audubon


Natural History of American Badgers

Dr. Pamela R. Owen
Associate Director of Texas Memorial Museum

Wednesday, September 23  6:30 PM ● Zoom

In 1877 ornithologist Elliott Coues described the American badger as "one of the most secret animals of this country." Known for their fierce attitude, aptitude for digging, and a preference for open habitats far away from people, American badgers are quite different from their not-so-closely related kin in Eurasia. In this talk, we will explore what discoveries have been made about this remarkable mammal, focusing on its biology, ecology, and fossil record. Approved for Alamo Area Master Naturalist AT hours.
About Dr. Pamela R. Owen
Dr. Pamela R. Owen is Associate Director of Texas Memorial Museum, the natural history museum at The University of Texas at Austin.
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Saving Birds One Building at a Time

Lindsay Jacks
Director of Lights Out Baltimore

Thursday, October 8  6:30 PM ● Zoom

Every 9 seconds, a bird strikes a building and dies. Learn how migratory birds and bats are affected by light pollution and glass collisions, how to create a collision monitoring program, what species have been rescued, and how YOU can protect birds and bats at your own home. Approved for Alamo Area Master Naturalist AT hours.

About Lindsay Jacks
Lindsay is the Director of Lights Out Baltimore (LOB).  In 10 years, they have collected over 4,000 birds, rescued 1,300 birds, rescued 70 bats, and installed bird-safe products for commercial buildings.

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Building Bird-Friendly Cities and Conservation Leaders for the Future

Yvette Stewart
Community Outreach Coordinator for Audubon Texas

Wednesday, October 21 ● 6:30 PM ● Zoom

Yvette Stewart is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Audubon Texas, and as such, leads two statewide programs; Bird City Texas (BCT) and Audubon Conservation Leaders Program for Young Women (ACL).  While both programs have experienced exciting growth and development in the last year, we’re going to take a deeper dive into the ACL program with Yvette. We’ll learn about the history of the program and how it is engaging and growing with students in the 2020-2021 school year as well as how BAS can get involved with ACL students.  Approved for Alamo Area Master Naturalist AT hours.

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Thursday, November 5 ● 6:30 PM
Bexar Audubon Society & San Antonio Audubon Society

The Texas Horned Lizard Reintroduction Project:
Preserving a Texas Icon

Presenter: Dr. Andy Gluesenkamp, Director of Conservation, San Antonio Zoo’s Center for Conservation and Research

Your $5 Registration Fee Will Be Donated to the San Antonio Zoo

If you’re like most Texans of a certain age, you’ve got memories of finding “buckets” of horned lizards in your youth. Not so much today, as Phrynosoma cornutum (commonly referred to as the “horny toad") has declined or disappeared in many places in Texas since the late 1960s. 

In fact, Texas Horned Lizard populations have declined so much that it is now on the state’s threatened species list. San Antonio Zoo’s Center for Conservation and Research is seeking to reverse this trend by producing large numbers of lizards in captivity and then releasing them into predetermined habitats that can support the species. To preserve the abundance of the State Reptile of Texas, San Antonio Zoo launched the Texas Horned Lizard Reintroduction Project. This program uses GIS data, genetics, and current knowledge about horned lizard ecology and distribution to release large numbers of captive-born individuals in suitable habitats.

About Andy Gluesenkamp
Andy has served as State Herpetologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for seven years. He currently leads several research projects in addition to the Texas Horned Lizard Reintroduction Project, including a status assessment and genetic analysis of the Rough-footed Mud Turtle, Texas groundwater salamanders, and the Mexican blindcatfish; studies of the evolution of cavefish in Texas and Mexico; and the establishment of captive colonies of rare and endangered species.

Log-in Information for the Horned Lizard Zoom Presentation
Tickets are just $5 per person
All proceeds from this program will be donated to our friends at the San Antonio Zoo, who have been so generous in their partnership with Audubon through the years, and will support the Zoo's Center for Conservation and Research.

Registration is a two-part process. 
After you've made your donation, you will receive a link for registration for the Zoom meeting on Thursday, November 5, 2020. Social time is 6:30-7:00 (wear a "horny toad" shirt or hat and bring your favorite "horny toad" stories); program starts at 7:00 with plenty of time for questions and answers afterward.

Click here to register.

Horned Lizard Resources

In Case You Missed It: Videos are now available of
Bexar Audubon online presentations

Intro to Bats

Introduction to Bats

Nyta Brown, Old Tunnel State Park

Learn about the different species of bats in Texas, their habits and habitats, and their importance to the environment. Click here to watch this very entertaining video presentation.

Dragonflies logo

"Dragons and Damsels: Oh, My!"

Everything important to know about Texas dragonflies and damselflies is shown in Craig Hensley's presentation to Bexar Audubon Society on August 12. Click HERE to watch and use the password dBggynZ4.



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