From Emps to Kingbirds: Unraveling the Diversity of Flycatchers

Is it a Yellow-bellied or a Least? A Couch’s or a Tropical? The Tyrannidae are diverse and can be quite confounding. Join Craig Hensley online during our June BAS monthly meeting for a look at the world of flycatchers. You’ll learn about their natural history and discover tips and tricks for identification, as well as…


BAS Annual Meeting

We'll certify the voting for BAS Board Officers during our Annual Meeting online. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Burrowing Owl Ecology and Creating Artificial Habitat in El Paso, Texas

Lois Balin, Urban Wildlife Biologist TPWD, will present a program about burrowing owl ecology, monitoring, and creating artificial habitat for the owls in El Paso, TX. It will include the research that has been done at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park and the lessons learned from creating burrowing owl habitat in City and National Parks.

A Kingdom of Birds: Birding in Saudi Arabia

Situated where three biogeographical realms meet and transected by three major flyways, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia boasts a rich avian diversity that belies its popular image as a vast,…

Lights Out San Antonio Training Fall Bird Surveys

Learn everything you need to know about volunteering for the Lights Out San Antonio Fall Bird Surveys. We'll be surveying three areas in downtown San Antonio on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and…

Lights Out San Antonio Training for Fall Surveys

Lights Out Training for the fall surveys will be held online via Zoom. Click here for the link. If you've already been through the training, it's not necessary to do…

Lights Out SA Downtown Bird Surveys

Our downtown bird surveys looking for migratory casualties begin Tuesday, Sept. 7 and take place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday through October 30.